October 3, 2018

Animal Waste Technology Grants

The Maryland Department of Agriculture's Animal Waste Technology Fund provides incentives to companies that demonstrate new technologies on farms and provide alternative strategies for managing animal manure. These technologies generate energy from animal manure, reduce on-farm waste streams, and repurpose manure by creating marketable fertilizer and other products and by-products. Read the 2019 Request for Proposals here.

The Animal Waste Technology Fund helps farmers address challenges in managing manure under Maryland's new nutrient management requirements.  Alternative strategies for complying with these requirements may include altering the nutrient content of organic nutrient sources, using manure for energy generation, or developing new products that add value to improve farm viability.  

The department also seeks funding to provide grants from other sources for technologies that improve manure management and address excess phosphorus. 

Updated September 13, 2018




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